Digital Forensics


Our Approach

Everywhere we turn in today’s society, digital data about us is being created. Cell phones and video cameras track the public through much of the country. This rich digital data can be used to assist in winning cases and generating future business for your law firm or business.

Third Chair Digital Forensics LLC was created to assist you with all of your digital forensic issues. From cell phones to computers to video, Third Chair will conduct a comprehensive extraction and analysis of data that will get to the crux of your case. We will look for data that was missed or misinterpreted by other examiners. We are experienced in all types of cases from simple shop-lifting cases to complex civil litigation.

Third Chair Digital Forensics employs cutting-edge technology to ensure that our examinations are comprehensive and thorough. We employ experienced technicians who are trained and certified on the latest forensic tools.

Our experienced forensic examiners, investigative team and seasoned trial attorneys will help you structure our findings to best present and leverage the data.

Our pricing structure makes our services affordable for all digital forensic needs.

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Criminal Cases

Whether you are a government entity or a private attorney you know how much of a role digital forensics play in today’s criminal cases. At Third Chair Digital Forensics LLC we understand the value of this evidence from both sides of the courtroom.

From surveillance video to cell tower maps to text messages, Third Chair Digital Forensics can analyze the data and provide a comprehensive report to assist our client in understand their evidence and their opponent’s evidence.

The seasoned former prosecutors who run Third Chair Digital Forensics understand all aspects of digital forensics from the government side. We can leverage digital forensic assets to help build any type of criminal case.

As experienced criminal defense attorneys, we can analyze evidence and mount an attack against any type of digital evidence sought to be employed by the government against your client.

Our forensic process employs cutting-edge technology, certified technicians and state of the art chain of custody procedures. You can be assured that your evidence has been analyzed thoroughly and that the results will be admissible in court in any type of hearing. At your request, we can prepare a detailed report of our findings.

We can also provide the motions and orders necessary to enable Third Chair Digital Forensics to retrieve and analyze evidence held by the government.

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Appointed Criminal Cases

At Third Chair Digital Forensics LLC we recognize the time and monetary restraints that court-appointed attorneys operate under. We are prepared to assist you with your digital forensic needs in a way that helps you stay under your court-approved budget.

Counsel has an absolute duty to conduct a prompt investigation of the circumstances of the case and to explore all avenues likely to lead to facts relevant to the merits of the case. In the twenty-first century this means conducting a thorough investigation of all digital assets that may be involved in the case whether they are in government custody or in the custody of a client or witness. In most cases, this requires employing the services of an expert in digital forensics to render effective assistance of counsel to the client. Counsel should seek expert assistance to provide technical assistance, to help evaluate the strength of the defense, to offer expert opinion evidence if it is favorable to the defense and to identify weaknesses in the state’s case. Failure to challenge a key part of the state’s case can constitute ineffective assistance of counsel.

We can begin assisting you with your case by providing to you the motions and orders you will need to get Third Chair involved in the case. We can follow up with the motions and orders necessary to retrieve evidence from government custody so that we can conduct our own forensic testing.

We understand that you need proven, reliable results in order to render effective assistance of counsel to your client. Our experienced technicians and seasoned trial attorneys can assist you in identifying issues and developing evidence to build your case or help defeat the government’s case.

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Family Law Cases

In today’s digital world there are many ways that digital forensics can be part of a family law case. From tracking devices to location apps to social media sites, our world can be invaded by an angry estranged spouse without our ever know of it.

At Third Chair Digital Forensics LLC we can discover and mitigate the use of these tools by the other side. We have the experience and know how necessary to discover and defeat these tools and then to leverage the results in your client’s favor. We can team with the experienced private investigators at Third Chair Investigations LLC to protect your client from future invasions of privacy or to conduct research on the other side..

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Civil Cases

Whether your case is a simple slip-and-fall at the local big-box store or a complicated multiple defendant issue, Third Chair Digital Forensics LLC can help you prepare and present it.

Our experienced litigators understand what it takes to develop evidence for use in a civil courtroom. We have transferred that knowledge to our technicians so that they know what to look for when they are extracting and analyzing digital data.

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